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Kosher Foie Gras Paté from Goose, from Beth Din de Paris (France)

You can purchase this Goose Kosher Foie Gras in can in 3 sizes: 130g or 4.6oz, 200g or 7.1oz and 400g or 14.11oz.

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Kosher Food - French Hashgacha
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This Kosher Foie Gras - Ready to Eat- in a can is available in 3 sizes (130g, 200g and 400g). It is Kosher from Beth Din de Paris (France)'s Kashrut. 

Foie Gras, which is pronounce "fwa gra", is a luxury dish, a delicacy in French Cuisine but also from Jewish's. As a matter of fact when Hebrews were in Egypt, there is trace of this food and they export it from Spain to Eastern Europe during the Diaspora. It is the liver of a goose (it can also be the liver of a duck but the later is less refined). It is very fatty and melts in the mouth. You can eat it with Fig conservatives, Fleur de Sel or Truffles and bread / toast (do not spread it but place it over the toast) or even over a steak.

Eat and savore it for any event and holidays (Rosh Hashana, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve, Christmas, Thanksgiving... and more).

Is Foie Gras Kosher? It is true that there are questions and issues about the way the geese is being fed. Some Authorities say that the goose has suffered as the liver is tortured and ill (going from 70 to 700 grams) but there is also a High Authority that ruled there is no halachic restriction against force-feeding geese for foie gras (source: Jewlicious). This foie gras can is Kosher for Passover (Kosher Le Pessah).

How to store Foie Gras? You should store it in the fridge.

How to serve Foie Gras? Foie Gras is generally an appetizer, it is served cold (remove it from the fridge 15 minutes before serving and remove it from the can at the last minute). You should cut slices of 1cm maximum with a knife that you have previously put in hot water (dry it after). The portion per person should be around 40g or 1.4 oz.

What to drink with Foie Gras? White wine such as Sauterne are best to pair.

Ingredients: Fattened Goose Liver, Water, Brandy, Salt, Preservative Sodium Nitrite, Sugar, Pepper.

We advise not to sear this foie gras as it was already cooked, it could melt.

We do not ship kosher foie gras in California but we ship it to NYC (New York), Miami (Florida), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Boston (Massachusetts), Washington DC (Maryland), Atlanta (Georgia)... and many more cities.

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All sales are final. No return accepted. Within the limit of stock availability.

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    Asked by mordejai. 21/02/2018 19:38
    Admin 22/02/2018 20:27
    Hello Mordejai, yes you can order and have it shipped to Mexico. Nevertheless we are not responsible for Duties, Customs or even shipping. I hope you will enjoy it though.
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