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15% Coupon Passover 2018 Dinner Menu in Miami / Aventura / Fort Lauderdale

Order your seder / meal for Passover with Kitniyot with your preferred Kosher dishes (Morocco dishes). The caterer is Kosher un...

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Kosher Food with US certified Hashgacha
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Order before March 20th 2018 and take advantage of a coupon, a 15% discount on your seder for Passover meal with Kitniyot for any order over $300. This offer is only valid with a Jewpon coupon. 

When is Passover in 2018?
In 2018, Pessah starts Friday March 30th at night and finishes Saturday April 7th at nightfall.

The caterer is specialized in Sephardi dishes (Morocco). You can choose among:


- Tomato sauce fish balls: $12.99 / lb (6 pcs)

- Moroccan style: salmon ($16.99 / lb for 3 pcs) or tilapia with red peppers ($14.99 / lb for 3 pcs)

- Fried fish with harissa sauce: $14.99 / lb (4 pcs)

Salads and Dips 

- Matboucha "salade cuite": $12 / lb

- Babaganoush: $12 / lb

- Mediterranean eggplant: $12 / lb

- Cooked olives: $12 / lb

- Schouk: $12 / lb

- Olive dip: $10 / lb

- Beet salad: $8 / lb

- Carrot salad: $8 / lb


- Chicken & vegetable soup: $7.99 / Qt

- Potato and fava bean soup: $8.99 / Qt

Meat and Poultry

- Schnitzel: $14.99 / lb (4 pcs)

- Moroccan Beldi Lemon chicken: $12.99 / lb (6 pcs)

- Pastellas (individually fried shepherd pies): $5 each

- Family size Pastella: $30 each

- Sweet green peas with meatballs: $12.99 / lb (7 pcs)

- Moroccan caramelized onions and meatballs: $14.99 / lb (8 pcs)

- Lamb mechoui: $24.99 / lb (per 5 lbs)

- Red wine & shallot brisket: $27.99 / lb (per 2 lbs)


- Candied dried prunes: $12.99 / lb

- Sauteed French green beans topped with roasted slivered almonds: $9.99 / lb 

Cakes & Cookies

- Almond based pastries: $150 for 100 pcs

- Moroccan pastries: $10 per box

The price above is the original price. You would have to deduct 15% if your order is above $300.
Order also on our website other Kosher products from France (with a French Kashrut) : bottargas, tuna ventresca ou foie gras.

The caterer services all Miami and Fort Lauderdale area (South Beach, Miami Beach, Surfside, Sunny Isles, Aventura, Hallandale, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale).

We wish you Pessach Kasher ve Sameah and come back soon to discover our Shabbat box !

A little bit of History: What is Passover?
Passover reminds the Jewish people that the Israelites were delivered from slavery and left Egypt. To remind this exodus, when the bread had not leavened, Hebrews celebrate Passover with a diet without chametz (they are products coming from 5 grains that fermet or leaven) and for Ashkenazi Jews without Kitniyot (they are legumes, grains and seeds). After Passover there is 49 days of spiritual elevation, called the Omer, that finishes with Shavouot (the holiday when Jews received the Torah). 

Kosher restaurants opened in Miami / Aventura / Hollywood during Passover 2018:

Acqua Restaurant 3565 NE 207th Street #A11
China Bistro Restaurant 3565 NE 207th Street #A5
Ruthy’s Kitchen 19202 W. Dixie Highway
Kosher Kingdom Supermarket/Take-out 3017 Aventura Blvd
Sara’s Tent Supermarket/Take-out 3565 207th Street
Noma 18851 NE 29Th Ave
How sweet in Waterways  3575 NE 207th St
Miami Beach:
Grill House Restaurant 976 41st Street
Kosher Price Supermarket/Take-out 923 41st Street
Montefiore Restaurant 4017 Prairie Ave
Mimosa Restaurant-Yom Tov Meals 6525 Collins Ave
Pita Hut Restaurant 530 41st Street
Prime 41 Restaurant-Yom Tov Meals 4101 Pinetree Drive
China Beach / Wok on the Beach 3919 Alton Rd
Florida Grill 4299 Collins Avenue
China Kikar Tel Aviv 5005 Collins Ave
Kosher kiosk at Marlins Park
North Miami Beach:
New Time Take-out/Catering 2120 NE 123rd Street
So Heavenly Take-out/Catering 2228 NE 123rd Street
Krudo 17092 W Dixie Hwy
Backyard BBQ Restaurant-Yom Tov Meals 9490 Harding Ave
Kosh Restaurant 9477 Harding Ave
Kosherland Supermarket 9467 Harding Ave

Important information regarding Passover 2018 in Miami:
Search of the hamets: Thursday March 29th after 7:59pm
Stop eating hamets: Friday March 30th at 11:20am
Burn hamets before: Friday March 30th at 12:22pm
1st night Candle lighting before: Friday March 30th at 7:18pm
2nd night Candle lighting from existing light: Saturday March 31st after 8:11pm
7th night Candle lighting: Thursday April 5th at 7:21pm
8th night Candle lighting from an existing light : Friday April 6th after 7:22pm and before 7:33pm
Shabbat and Yom Tov ends Saturday April 7th at 8:15pm
Rabbenu Tam is Saturday April 7th at 8:53pm
One should not take out any of their Hametz for the preparation of the traditional Mimuna before 9:45pm in order to give the Rabbi the chance to buy back all the Hametz.

Orders will have to be picked up in Sunny Isles (33160), next to Golden Beach, on Thursday, March 29th 2018. 

What to know


  • after ordering the coupon, you will receive an email with the name and the contacts to place the order of the seder / meal for Passover and the exact location in Sunny Isles (33160), next to Golden Beach, to pickup the order. Delivery not offered.
  • Redeem by: Tuesday, March 20th, 2018
  • Coupon will have to be presented when placing the order
  • This offer is subject to our Terms and Conditions
  • This offer is only available for the Catering Passover 2018 service in Miami 
  • Limit one voucher per member
  • Valid in U.S. only
  • Tax and other fees are not included and will be charged upon redemption
  • Credit may not be used towards tax
  • Vouchers cannot be combined for a greater discount
  • Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions
  • Coupons have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash or gift cards. 

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